Valentine Day SMS Wishes Urdu|WaseemPk

What the heart gives away is never gone,

but kept in the hearts of others, from

dusk to dawn. Love you from the core of my

heart. Be my Valentine!
onefor Feb valentine Day ko loogo Aysa kia

kartay hain.Ke Theak Nine(9) Month Baad

onefor Nov ko children Day Manana parta hai
Yoyoyour smile is my sunrise,

yoyoyour kiss is my sunset.

Thank you for being the

most wonderful friend and

T-here’s richness in a love for life
H-ere among the valentines,
A-king and queen as man and wife:
N-ot leaning towards what lust inclines;
K-nowing well the needs of state.
Y-on regal grace alone attends,
O-n which the peace, both small and great,
U-ndone by doubt, alone depends
Wherever I may go;
Whatever I do;
On Valentine’s Day
I’d like to say
I love you & I care for you
more than you do.
Funny Valentine! Where are you?
How will you come to me?
In a red box, the softness of
A teddy bear or the tenderness of A kiss?
The secyoyourity of a hug, the snug warm Feeling of love?
You seem sooo far away!
I think about you when I close my eyes
And even when I open them in the morning.
It may not be Valentine’s Day everyday
But with you. just know you r My love supply.
My Funny Valentine!
Fond thoughts are coming yoyoyour way;

We’ve always had a special connection,
So Happy Valentine’s Day!