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It’s a place where you can get Likes for your facebook profile and pages. Its for those people who are trying to search “auto f.b liker” to boost their posts and page, their profile pics and status. When they search for this result they do find a lot of result but after wasting some time they get nothing. Because these applications are fake they don’t like your posts. These are trying to get your f.b ID and passwords.
I was also searching for this topic “How to get Face book Post likes for free?” . But I found nothing there were some apps but they were fake. When we try to submit, first of all they ask for permission to use our Face book account. Are you agree for this?
Sure! Nobody will give them permission for this purpose.
After this result which I saw in different apps and on different website I decided to create this tool so that people can get likes. Its all my working there is no application behind this scene. You will get likes from different ID’s of different guys and mails whom will be paid by me.
There are simple 3 Steps to get Likes.
Press the next button at the bottom of this post.

  1. Select the package which do you want. Its depend on your boosting wish. Basic package is Standard and its totally free.
  2.  Then read all about your selected package and click on Start button.
  3. Give your name, ID (gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc), Face book ID (face book id on which you want to get likes) then click on submit.

Note: Before submitting your ID, make all the posts privacy to public.

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