English SMS Messages

Satisfaction is the highest level of happiness..!!
You can easily Attained...
When You have no expectations..!!

A very good relationship needs Just 2 Things,
A Little time to be spent together
A True Care to be shown for Ever....

Always believe that nothing would go  wrong.
Because Allah has written the script of Your life 
And you know
Allah always writes masterpiece.!!

"Real Education" is your behaviour with others not your status,
Work Hard but spend some time with those 
Who  Belong to YOU..
Nobody Remembers your Marks Degrees and Designation
On your death...

People Remember you only for your good or bad behaviour

Special SMS Messages

Umer-e-Taveel ki justajoo kertay 
Itnay wo kab hamary thay!!

Kuch toot gya hy meray Ander..
Dua kro SAHIB wo Dil nah ho!

Bahot Udass hon Teray Chup ho jany say
Ho sakay to baat kr kisi bahany say....
Tu lakh khafa sahi per itna to dekh
Koi toot gaya hy teray chup ho janay say..
Neend Aati thi jis ko teray so jany say
Soch zra k wo kesay soya ho ga teray rooth jany say

Bra he taveeel sadma hy...
TERI mukhtasar si muhabbat ka..