From which country Kangroo does belong?

From which country Kangro does belong?
Kangro kis mulk ka janwer hai?

Kangro Australia ka janwer hai.
The animal named “Kangro” belongs from Australia. Kangro is a famous animal of Australia Because Kangro has some special qualities. The qualities which are found in Kangro those don’t found in any other animal. Kangro is very cute and pleasant looking animal. Some times it becomes little naughty. There are four type of species of kangro. Kangro runs fast it has the ability of super jumping and its about 30 feet long jump.
Kangroos mostly live in the group forms.
The one of the point to be noted and different from others is that the Kangroo live’s in mother’s pouch after born of one month and they live in the pouch for a specific time period.
Our question was about Kangroo’s availability country. This awesome animal is native of Australia.

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