Girlfriend SMS Msgs

Right now there are 3 million people sleeping,
1 million playing
4 million working
but just one lovely person reading this sms. Good night!
  Good Night romantic sms
If I had a chance to become a part of you,
I would choose to be a precious tear.
I would take root in your heart, born in your eyes.
Live on your cheeks and die on your lips.
  Teary eyed romantic sms for girlfriend
To live, I need air,
For life I need a heartbeat
To have a good heart I need love,
And to feel loved, I need YOU!
  I need you
Close your eyes and take a deep breath,
Now stop breathing for a minute.
Now open your eyes and start breathing,
I miss you as much as you missed breathing!

  Practical love sms
This is my gift of love, 
Wrapped in romance,
Bonded by this romantic love sms
Sealed with care to keep you happy and safe all lifelong.

  The romantic sms
I love you too much, my heart is sure
As clock ticks by, love you little more,
You loving smile, cheerful face, no one will ever take your place.


Man: You look exactly like my girlfriend.
Girl: Oh ok! What is her name?
Boy: I don’t have a girlfriend yet…
Moral: learn new ways to propose! :D

  Moral message   

I was calling you but the operator said the girl you are calling is an angel and its not possible to call heaven this time

  Romantic sms messages for girlfriend
With all the lights in the sky
and with all the love in the world,
And with innocence of a child’s smile
I wish you good night and may your dreams come true.

  Sweet dreams
Ask if I need you & I’ll say forever,
Ask if I’ll leave you & U the answer is Never
Ask what do you cherish and my answer is YOU,
Say that you love me and I’ll say I love you too :)

    Romantic sms for girlfriend