English Good Night SMS Poetry Messages

English Gud Night SMS Messages,
English Good night Poetry MSGS>>

Sleep >>>
S: Say thanks to God,
L: Lying on the bed,
E: Eyes closed at the
E: End of the day
P: Planing for the next day..
Have a Tight Good Night,
_good night sms poetry_

Stars light stars bright
You are the only star
I, see tonight..
I wish I might be there,
guarding your your
dreams tonight...
Good night, sweet dreams.,

Sun is upset and Moon is happy..
Because sun is missing you,
and moon is gonna be with you,
for rest of the night,,,
Have a wonderful night !!!
_good night sms poetry_

Problems are like moon,
It may increase one day;
Decrease on some other day
and sometimes,
it's totally invisible..
So no point worrying ..
Gud night>>>>

Good night my sweet friendz
Wishing a lovely night to a lovely
person, May you sleep and
fall from your bed tonight,,
How you forget to wish me.
_good night sms poetry_

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